Putting Together A Farmers Market

A fun day can be set up by organising a farmers market. It’s not just a time for different producers to come and sell their produce, but it can be made into a family day for many. Such an even will allow many to open up and explore the potential for local and small businesses. It can also be an opportunity for newbies to test the market.

Register the ‘farmers’
Send out flyers to let the people know that they can have stalls and sell their products. Set up an exhibition panel rental booth at a central location for people to come register and make payments for their individual stall. This way you will be able to get a list of the things that are going to be sold at the market. A headcount will also be possible in order for you to set up the venue appropriately.

Get the word out
Once you know what kind of goods can be expected, it’s time to get the people’s attention. Banner printing can be done as a main form of advertising. It will not only be attractive but will actually get the attention. Flyers and pamphlets can be made to pass around in schools and different gatherings. Employ your local radio station to get the word out in an exciting manner.

Hire out stalls
You will need tables, chairs, scales, market canopy and umbrellas. Also have water spots for access to free or cheap drinking water. Set up portable toilets for the public to use. As the organiser it will be your duty to provide such items for the customers. The fee that was collected during registration can help pay for such equipment. Make sure all equipment’s are in good condition.

A little attraction
Put up a stage and have a local artist put together a small show to entertain the crowd. This will create a great atmosphere while entertaining and attracting passers-by. A carnival like effect will create a day worth spent outdoors under the hot sun.

Legal paper work
To hold such events it is needed that proper permission be acquired from the relevant authority. As the chief organisers it will be your responsibility to take care of such things. It is also important that you organise for emergency medical aid in case of any misfortunate incidents.

Once you have these few basics covered you will be able to put together a great day. Safety measures should be taken to ensure the safety of each and every individual present. Make it a success with all the right elements in place and look for future opportunities to organize many more.