Buying A Special Gift For Dad For This Valentine’s

Valentine’s is not all about the romantic partners; it is also a great day for you to take some time and give love back to your parents as well. Dads can be notoriously hard to get gifts to, and especially if they have specific hobbies and favourite past times. You will probably need your mom’s help with making the final decision so check out some of these ideas and run them through her to see which one would be the best accepted.

Beard grooming kit

If you dad is famous in the family for his beard and his attention to the general upkeep of it, then the Jack Black beard grooming kit would be a great addition to his bathroom ware. You can buy this off of EBay and Amazon and it comes with Biore facial foam, beard oils and conditioner to wash and make sure that the hair is kept awesome. You can even add your own personal touches to the grooming kit when you finally gift it to you dad.Custom beer growler

If your dad is a fan of his alcohol and specifically beer, then this will be a great addition to his collection. You can put his favourite phrase or saying and custom etch it into the beer growler. If you look for options online, you can even have the beer growler made by hands and make sure that it becomes a one in a million. If you can get your dad’s taste in his items then you can get the handmade beer growler done to suit his style. This gift will beat any branded online perfumes Singapore that you can find.

Leather wash bag

If your dad has a tendency to stack his shampoos and body washes in your mom’s bag or just regularly uses her stuff when you go on a trip together, then this wash bag will be a great solution for both of their troubles. You can buy faux leather if you are concerned with the animal welfare issues, you can get a genuine leather bag for around $70 online. You can either get the branded versions available through the large retailers or even get someone to do a custom job on it and make it personalized to suit your dad’s style as well.

Although it may be difficult to get the best present, make sure to get something practical for your dad. Otherwise the gift will end up on the table and will be collecting dust for awhile until someone notices it.