Tips For Throwing A Great Party On A Low Budget

You don’t necessarily have to empty your pockets when throwing a party for your friends, family or colleagues. All it takes is prioritizing, planning and allocating a budget and sticking to it. Keep in mind that you, like everyone else is supposed to enjoy and have fun during the party and if you’ve literally drained your wallet into throwing it, you’ll be restless the whole time and will be more concerned about the bill. If you want to throw the best party and want to do it with the little cash you have, then the following tips will help you make it happen.  

Make it a day-time affair  

Hosting a night time party involves the risk of it continuing till the morning sun and that will be fun for the guests, bust certainly not to the host. Instead of such an all-night soirée, plan a day time gathering which will require significantly less bucks. Spending on high tea buffet catering Singapore for a classy afternoon with your friends, at your very own backyard will not cost too much and will be a fun change from the traditional evening gatherings.  

Buy in bulk to save  

Always find the time to purchase all the things you need for a party in bulk to experience the attractive discounts which really makes your job easier. Make a list of all the things you and everyone else could possibly need well in advance and find the perfect shop from which you can get great offers for buying in bulk.  

Save on booze and spend on food  

A BYOB party is one of the best ways in which a host can reduce the cost of holding a party and it has now become a common tradition among many groups. If you want to pitch in on the alcohol department, don’t spend on anything other than wine or beer for which you can get good discounts when buying in bulk. The money you save on booze can be allocated for catering services Singapore which will take loads of pressure off your shoulders while giving you the chance to mingle in the crowd and enjoy the soirée rather than worrying about the dishes.  

Play the role of DJ  

Equip your smart device with one of many applications that allow you to stream countless songs from pretty much any artists to suit the mood and vibe of the event and keep the party going. Hiring a professional DJ can be really expensive, especially if your party is going to include a large crowd and is likely to go on for more than just a couple of hours. Besides, you know best about what music your friends like and dislike. So simply jack up your phone to the sound system and play the right music at the right time, all night long.