Different Solutions For Facial Scars

There can be several ways facial scars are caused. The common causes are acne or when one suffers injury to the face. These scars, depending on their intensity and occurrence, can be noticeable and mar the appearance of a person. There are several home remedies available for reducing the intensity of facial scars, but complete removal of scars often becomes difficult. There are however several modern dermatological solutions for the reduction and removal of facial scars.

Different treatments to consider

Nowadays, modern dermatological clinics have several solutions for facial scar removal. Akin to aging solutions like Botox Singapore you will be offered solutions like laser treatment or chemical peels, depending on the intensity of scars on your face. When you visit a clinic the dermatologist will run a facial skin test which will reveal the penetration of the scars and that in turn will help the expert to determine the best way to reduce them. While superficial treatments are not too expensive, intense treatments might need minor surgical procedures and would be comprehensive treatments that are costly.

Home applications to try out

If you wish to try home application solutions unlike thread lift there are several products that dermatologists offer across the counter. For instance, there are several at home scar creams that promise results in a visible lightening of scars. They can help reduce redness as well as flatten the scars which allow them to become less noticeable. Such applications are also recommended for pigmentation treatment. In general, if you wish to reduce scars on your face opt for creams that contain cocoa or shea butter. Others have also found success by using natural ingredients like aloe vera gel, lavender oil, calendula oil, olive oil, lemon juice and others on their scars. Such oils and creams help to soften the skin and reduce the starkness of scars. However, for deep rooted scars you might have to opt for more invasive treatment.


This is a common modern treatment that is advised by dermatologists for reducing scars. The treatment leads to the upper skin layer being removed so that it allows a healthy and new layer of skin to grow on top. Many home kits are also available for performing Microdermabrasion at home. Many feel that these are worthwhile investments. However, in order to have assured results, it is best to get treated professionally with this method at a dermatologist clinic. Here technicians will have the best tools to perform the procedure on you; usually a number of sessions are required to see a visible difference on your face over time.