Tips For Hand Crafted Jewellery Designers

If you design unique items of jewellery and you want to make the most of your talent you have to get the word out there so that more people will be interested in your product. However, since you are handling the designing part you might not have to run a store for your products as well. In addition to this, you might not making enough money to hire additional help as well as to pay rent for a storefront.

The best solution in such an instance is to use social media and excellent ecommerce platforms to promote and sell your accessories, saving you time and money they you can use to perfect your product. Here are some other points we think you should look into before starting this venture.

The ease of placing orders

You should make it easy as possible for your clients to place their orders. The harder the ordering process is, the less likely it is that you will build an online customer base. One way of making your ordering process easier is by using ecommerce solutions through which customers can go online and place orders for the accessories you create In addition to this you can also have a system where they can call or email you a product code and make the payment for it at the point of delivery. If you are interested about ecommerce design you can visit this site

Relatable marketing

You can make your marketing relatable by getting your friends or your happy customers to post pictures of themselves wearing your product. That way potential customers who look at your social media will see other people just like them, using and enjoying your product. This will increase their confidence in your product and compel them to place an order themselves.

Prompt delivery of goods.

You have to make sure that the orders reach your clients on time. Since your items are non perishables, you can deliver them all over the world. However you have to make sure that the goods are not destroyed in transit. At the same time you have to make sure that they are delivered well on time. Most often your clients might be placing an order for your goods because they want to wear it for a particular function. Therefore you don’t want a situation where they receive their jewellery only after the function is over because of some delay. This will make them lose the confidence they have in you and not order your goods again. On the other hand if you become known for the prompt delivery of your products you will find more customers ordering jewellery for all of thier functions through you.