Why Should You Hire A Vehicle To Drive?

Are you the kind of person who when abroad, only prefers to use taxis to get by? Well if you are, you might want to know that this choice of yours is very unwise. Using taxis is the ultimate way to hack your money to death. It can be ridiculously expensive in the long run to use taxis to go everywhere you want. However the worst part is that you would not even know just how much in total you are spending for all those taxi rides, until you check your bank account and realize a significant chunk of money has vanished.

The only time it is alright to hire a taxi is in case you do not know the directions to where you want to go, you do not know how to drive, you are unable to drive, or you are not going to stay in the country for a long time. The first reason is now becoming quite obsolete as GPS navigation is becoming increasingly common. However you can still hire a taxi for that reason. That is alright.

In case none of the above reasons apply, then you could buy a vehicle. This can be very expensive. You need to have quite a lot of thousands of dollars sitting around in your bank account if you wish to buy a vehicle. Furthermore if the vehicle becomes outdated, you cannot just give it back to the company you bought it from, you have to find a new buyer, and this can be a tediously long process.

So both options are not looking that great but do not worry there is another option and this one is the savior. 

What you should do is rent car in Singapore. It is simple and pretty easy to understand. Renting a vehicle is much less expensive when compared to the other options. You just have to pay a fraction of the cost of buying a vehicle, to drive it around. You would of course have to pay for fuel but that is necessary and right now it is quite cheap.

Furthermore as you are driving the vehicle, you would not have to pay surcharges of all sorts when stuck in traffic or during peak hours. This is something taxis are guilty of. They charge up to thrice the cost during peak hours and waiting time can be a pain. The longer you stay in one spot, the more you end up paying. Therefore just a three km ride during peak hours amidst a traffic jam, could set you back by a hundred dollars or more.

Therefore car rental is much convinient that offers affordable rates. The only thing you would lose if stuck in a traffic jam during peak hours, is fuel and patience. No surcharges of any sort.

Therefore always hire a vehicle instead of using taxis or buying vehicles outright. It could save you not just money, but time as well.