The Essential Unconventional Education

As parents, educating our children and helping them secure their future and prepare for it is part of our duties towards them. And let’s admit it, we’d do it for them even if it wasn’t a part of our duties. It’s our way of making sure they’ll be fine on their own, even when we are not around. But education can mean more than books, and that which schools now-a-days teach our children. Here’s what most modern parents think their children should be educated with.

Basic survival skillsWe know that it’s the age of the internet; where if you have the will, you can self-teach yourself and learn almost anything you want to. But there are somethings that are best learn with expert around. Cooking, in our opinion, is one of those things. Children, in general, learn to cook faster if you get them involved in the kitchen at a young age. Simple things like grating, squeezing out the juice of fruits or other minor details involving ingredient preparing can be taught to children as young as 7 years.

Lessons on self-defenseWe cannot be around our children at all moments of their day; and this means we can’t be their shield, no matter how much we want to. But since children are in almost constant danger in today’s world, be it by bullies in school, or the adults that are supposed to be looking out for them. Enrolling your child for martial arts, like brazillian jiu jitsu lessons in Singapore can help them protect themselves. It will also teach them other important things such as self-control and discipline.

Sex education Sexual predators are all around us; in all kinds of shapes and sizes. Apart from Muay Thai or Jui Jitsu lessons (which will give them the courage and the training to protect themselves), it’s also important that, after a certain age, you educate your child about sex. Trust us, it might feel strange talking to your child about this topic; but it’s better that you teach them about the do’s and don’ts of it, rather than the internet or their friends.

Note: give your younger kids the assurance that they can talk to you about anything that scares them. Let them know that, if in any instance, they feel uncomfortable by the presence or touch of anyone, they should come to you.

Smoking, drugs and alcohol; the use and the abuseChildren of today’s world are introduced to these things at a very young age. Be it the TV or social media, or even through friends; children tend to get highly curious about these things. If and when your child shows an interest or curiosity towards it; don’t shut them out. Simply telling them “it’s bad news; stay away from it” won’t make them follow your rules. Instead, educate them about it. Tell them why people use it, and how easily it could take over their lives. Talk to them about the dangers of substance abuse.